Furniture Reproduction
 Art Design & Antiques

Is Our Pleased to Introduced our Italian Indonesian Company ... 

an Association that grouped Furniture Manufacturing Firms and Artists, of the Sectors the : Antiques Reproductions, Design and Contemporary Art ...

Our Company whil Distinguished for Certificate Quality of the Products and Experience, The Main Activities of Our Association are in the Prevalence : Specialized in the Handmade Manufacturing of the High Class Furniture, Luxury Art & Exclusive Complements

Our Company consists of an Association the Companies of small and medium dimensions, that deal with the Wood Processing and Manual Sculpture, with the near - total of Productions Finished for 100% Handmade, with Exclusively Natural Product & Original Materials of the Antique Italian Tradition, in particular : Art Venetian and Florentine, such As : Shellac, Beeswax, Vegetal Painting, Lacquering, Gilding & Silvering with Leaf, Strictly HandMade, Some photos of the our Laboratories are present in our site, where our Artisans & Artists work with passion the Sculpture, Lacquering, Gilding and Silvering Leaf Application

The Association is fully Managed of the Founder, an Italian Antiques Dealer, 

with Experience and Tradition of Three Family Generations of Art & Antiques Business in Italy and in the World, That Since of 1990 has founded the " Indo Tade Association " Working Assiduously in the Sector of the Artistic Production of Quality in Indonesia ... with Exporting all over the world

The Headquarters of our Company is Located in Central Jawa, In an Outstanding Cultural Area, where are present Hundreds Sites of Culture, Traditions and History Millennial, As Also the UNESCO heritage of the Borobudur, the Great Buddhist 

Temple in the World, in the Strategic Position Between the Cities and international Airports of Yogyakarta and Surakarta ( Solo ) 

So a Visit at Our Company can be in Addition to an Opportunity of a Great Bussines also a Fantastic Opportunity to visit this Area Unique and Wonderful ... With all Our Loggistic Support and a Welcome of Our Italian Family

We Sell Wholesale in the World and Our Clients, They Are between the Best Furniture Firm, Antiques Dealers, Famous Architects, Furnishers, Important Hotels, Main Embassies, Representative Offices, Prestigious Gallery, Collectors, Owners of Prestigious Homes, etc. etc.

With Pride Over the years we have had many Awards and Recognitions in the World for our Work, For Put in Our Primary Objectives to First Place The Quality Before the Quantity, Focusing Not the Profit, But trying to Have a Human Contact prior that Commercial, With Our " Friends Customers " , Always with a a Very Good Report Quality / Price ... Correct and Fair for the Our Customers

We have the Ability to Supply You those Niche Products Not easy to Search In World Market at the Right Price,If Suppliers Not have Specific Technical knowledge in the Art, Those Products that Not are in the scope of Generic Work or that must be tailored to Specified Drawings and Demanding of the Your Best Customers

In addition ... We have even a Good Offer in Stock, of Furniture, Carving Handmade Frame and Complement for Your requirements , but may Not have been Shown on our Website, which Logically is Only a Small Part of Our Production

Always More Often We are Collaborating With Small and Medium Art Dealers in the World ... With Small and Medium Routine Orders, That give Us Security, Mutual Satisfaction and Tranquility to Produce Goods it Are Really Exclusive ...

We want Always More to Continue on this Road, Because Represents Our Mentality and Our Working Philosophy, Because We prefer to Produce Less Quantity, but with Major Quality ... With Prices Very Competitive in the International Field, 

FOB from our warehouse in Central Jawa ... But Absolutely Never to Detriment of the Our Famous Quality

For All Possible Information & Requests ... Please ... Contact Us for More Detail ... Us We are at your disposal For each requirement and Individual Needs ... 
ThankYou for Your Kind Attention